“We believe in designing for the future of our bodies and our planet.”


 EROSA is a UK luxury womenswear brand based in the North West. Designed to celebrate the beauty of the human body and empower, EROSA draws inspiration from the world around us and the human experience. Focusing on craftmanship, innovation and fabric, EROSA’s approach to design and production creates a modern feminine wardrobe with an edge. True size-inclusivity isn’t achieved by simply extending the size range offered. We understand that the sizing system as a whole needs to be revolutionised, which is why we decided to start from scratch. Our innovative sizing system removes numbers and restrictive labels, replacing it with a simple colour-coded system that takes into account the diversity in body shapes. By designing for how our bodies will change over time at the beginning of our process, we are continually looking to the future. The future of our planet is at the forefront of our approach to design. All our pieces are designed to stay in our wardrobes and out of landfill, reducing the huge amount of potential textile waste. Our design ethos is about changing our entire approach to clothing; focusing on statement pieces and elevated classics to build a smaller capsule wardrobes that are worn throughout our life. This means we produce less; creating made-to-order pieces with minimal, more considered product drops instead of creating constant wasteful newness. The entire life-cycle of our garments is considered at each stage of design and production, and we continually push forward to the most sustainable solution. 

We don’t believe fashion needs a rule book; EROSA is about changing the way we approach our wardrobes, our bodies and design.